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5 SEO Tools The Industry Needs


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While these tools make our jobs simpler by crawling the web, mining data and providing it to us in great, digestible exports, every SEO has that ONE tool that would make life and our industry that much better.

In a perfect marketing world, we would dream up a tool and have it at our disposal within moments. Well, marketing is far from perfect and while we may not have the perfect SEO tool at our fingertips, we can dream and imagine what that tool might be.



We asked a few friends of RF SearchShots “If you could create any SEO tool what would it be and what would it do?” Check out their responses and feel free to envision your own.


Mike King - iAcquire

Mike King, Director of Inbound Marketing at iAcquire

Latent Semantic Indexing and co-occurrence have been made more important, but there’s nothing to really look at that. A tool for semantic value of backlink profiles. There are tools that measure and index link popularity, but nothing that solidly segments link by the value of the content on the page.”


Rich Deede, Associate Search Director, Razorfish Healthware

“A tool I’d love to see is a “Site Change Checker”

Some sort of Tool that can log what has changed on any given page and tell you the date it was changed. So we go to our competitor site and can tell that they changed their Title Tag on January 3rd and before it was XXX and now it is XXX. The same could be done for pretty much any element on the page.”


Colleen Clark, Marketing Analyst, Ithaca College

“A tool that pulls rich data from a website. Basically to scrape a page to pull any rich data; authorship, shopping results, pricing markup and put it into a fancy export.”



Erin Seims, SEO Coordinator, Razorfish

“A tool that pulls real-time rankings in an instant! Most tools are clunky and do not provide the most accurate data. When I’m in a crunch and need rankings on demand, a tool that could pull and export quickly would be a lifesaver.”



Fajr Muhammad - RazorfishFajr Muhammad, Senior SEO Content Analyst, Razorfish

“I would love to have a tool that pulls competitive content data for me. It would crawl the SERPs for a given query and tell me what ranks and what type of content it is: blog post, video, image. Also a robust tool that can crawl universal results, there are a few out there but none that are super granular.”



Which tool would you love to see in real life? And what SEO tool would you love to use that doesn’t exist?

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Fajr Muhammad is a writer, blogger and digital marketer with more than 5 years’ experience in the SEO, content marketing, blogging and social media space. Fajr currently lives in New York, loves Mad Men and has an obscene amount of shoes. You can follow her on Twitter @fajrmuhammad or circle her on Google +.

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  1. Minchala says:

    Sweet ideas; +1 on Richard’s idea.

    @Colleen – I think Mozenda might be what you’re looking for:

    @Erin – SEER developed a google doc that pulls SERPs pretty quick and easy:
    I made a rank checker in Excel for location-personalized searches (you need to install the SEO Tools plugin first):

    Overall, though, ranking “accuracy” is a red herring at this point. A lot of SERPs (especially in local) are personalized to the point where ranking data can only ever aspire to be directional at best.

  2. Kyle Risley says:

    I think SEO Clarity allows for content changes. I’m not sure how much it tracks but it at least allows for on-page content, title, and meta description. I’ve never used them, though.

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