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Tag Management Systems – Part 2 – Getting Sophisticated

With data nerds and vendors assembling at eMetrics in Boston, MA this week, the topic of Big Data will be trending hot.   Looking at the list of sponsors you will see the top Tag Management technologies lined up to showcase their tools to the perfect data-minded crowds.   The tag management industry is steaming hot and just this morning, Google announced a free Tag Manager tool at eMetrics.

As mention in Part 1 on Tag Management, the industry is still fairly new but rapid in growth.  Forrester released a write up on “Understanding Tag Management Tools and Technology” on August 15, 2012 which reference out of the 76 companies surveyed who currently use a Tag Management system, 50% have been using a TMS for less than 1 year.

Additionally, Tag Management technologies are growing in sophistication.  3rd Party tagging and analytics installation are standard applications of the tools. But TMS’ get much more sophisticated and provide amazing benefits in its partnership when you go behind the basics and into richer, more strategic use cases.  (Figure 2 and 7)   What isn’t mentioned, but of growing interest, are mobile tracking, retargeting based on consumer action/interest and the ability to track rich media like Flash.

Tag Management Systems are most known for delivering major efficiencies to processes and flexibility to an organization.  Figure 9 shows out of the same 76 Tag Management end users, dramatic improvement around “the capability to implement new or revised tags within a single day leaps from 18% to 80% after users deploy a TMS.”   If 66% of the companies surveyed pre-install had to wait over a week to install or revise tags, think about the number of companies that today need technology to shorten this process.

When looking for a TMS that fits your needs there are many important factors to review but make sure in the final rounds to request a Proof-of-concept and test use cases that are important to your business’ needs.  Take that even further and do a blind POC whereby you don’t supply the use cases prior to the live POC to showcase the power of the tool then and there (expose the leaders quicker).

The Tag Management Systems Vendor Landscape:

For the full Forrester report you can purchase it here:

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