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App Marketing Opportunities with the new iOS Upgrade

I recently downloaded the new iOS 6, but then the next day a sparkling new package arrived at my doorstep with the new iPhone 5 pre-baked with iOS6.  The new iPhone iOS, size and new features aren’t only cool to engage in, but have marketing opportunities as well.

App Store Changes

Social Media:   the new iOS 6 release has more social media integration that has real marketing and loyalty benefits.  These integrations continue to support the power of social media and influence we have among our networks.  Apple added a new Facebook “Like” feature in the App Store so friends see when you download and “like” an app, directly in Facebook.

Navigation/Display:  The look and feel of the app store is different as scrolling has changed from vertical scroll to horizontal.  While pretty is has changed the layout of each app store view and reduced the number of visible apps at a time thus making it very important to rank in top 4 which will create fierce competition.  Also some titles are truncated in the new view so beware of title length and how it displays.  This is critical for SEO optimization and including relevant keywords.

Ranking algorithm:   There don’t appear to be algorithmic changes today however the changes reference below make for a new field to work in.

New Hardware for iPhone 5

The new iPhone has spawned a lot of chatter about its bigger screen size (4” vs. 3.5” display) but for marketers this is a chance for more real estate for ad creative.  The faster hardware (4G/LTE) will also enable and enhance the quality of rich media and video displays.

Not necessarily a marketing benefit with the thinner and lighter iPhone 5 is sleek and I actually don’t mind the different.

iOS 6 Updates

Passbook has been a much talked about topic and is a completely new engagement feature in iOS 6.  Passbook still has time to gain speed as only a few early adopters that built Passbook enabled apps (i.e. Live Nation, United Airlines, MLB).  The application shows promising marketing attributes as it encourage loyalty among brands and allows for easy redemption of tickets, coupons and more.   Passbook also appears to be quickly bridging the vision of “location aware offers” to reality.

About Mobile Ad Tracking

Moible Marketing attribution and tracking has been a hot topic for years.  The standard UDID will be replaced by 2 new IDs:

  1. Vendor ID – identify cross sell and upgrade opportunities
  2. Advertiser ID – new Apple-sanctioned attribution to replace the UDID for advertising
  • Preferred from privacy perspective
  • Can be erased by user (like cookies) in the new consumer opt out button in Settings
  • Similar implementation to UDID
  • Adoption will be quick – within 24hrs of iOS 6 launch, 25% of iPhone users upgraded

** Publishers:  investigate SDKs from network partners ASAP and implement

**Advertisers:  update SDKs for marketing attribution

**Continue with UDID for time being (still ubiquitous today)


A few new app-related admin functions are the “New” Ribbon for unopened apps to remind users they downloaded an app and have not utilized it yet.  This could help with increasing adoption after downloading.  And the Privacy Policy URL isn’t new per se, however the external link now works.  Many developers have incorrect privacy URL today so make a note to fix in next update!

In-App Marketing Opportunity

Just think about the sheer volume and interest that the new iPhone and iOS 6 has generated.  Approximately 5 million units were sold in the 1st weekend!   To put that in context that is 2x the pre-orders that iPhone 4S got last year and the Wall Street Journal predicts 23 Million iPhone 5 sales by end of 2012.

With the mass interest and adoption rates that allows for marketers to tap into this market.  Fiksu reported that when the iPhone 4S was released app download volume increased 29%, however Cost per Loyal Users decreased by 10%.

In Mobile App Marketing

With iOS 6 still new, it’s a great opportunity to get more users at lower costs due to volume.  Take advantage of this time to get your apps optimized to build interest and boost rank before the holidays.  Leverage and push the social integration functionality to expand on viral nature and social influence of app marketing.

Next Steps for Marketing

  • Budget for pre-holiday “bargain time” and post-holiday when less competitive
  • Evaluate Passbook and Social Media Integration
  • Update your app and App Store visuals
  • Plan for Advertising Identifiers

Source: Fiksu Webinar “Apple’s Announcements – How Marketing Apps on iOS Will Change

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