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6 Great Social Media Examples

Social media sites make great tools to engage prospects and customers as well as share content and messages about a brand or product. At Razorfish, we need to make sure we are attracting new fans and followers through content and campaigns that will attract the types of prospects our brands want; followers that may be interested in what the business has to offer and will actually want to engage with the brand long-term.

Below is a list of 6 awesome examples of social campaigns that have effectively used social media to engage with and increase fans and followers in fun, unique, and brand-centric ways.

Mercedes-Benz – Tweet Race

To introduce Mercedes-Benz to a new generation of consumers, Razorfish created the world’s first Twitter-fueled race. Using 4 specially-outfitted Mercedes vehicles, powered only by Tweets, four teams, crowd-sourced from social media, competed in a race to Dallas, TX, during the Super Bowl. By the races’ conclusion, the following grew to over 77,000 and generated over 545MM Twitter impressions, including 21,000 active participants. The business goal to raise brand appeal among the Gen-Y audience was achieved by a 5% increase in site visitors under the age of 34 in a pre/post campaign survey. Watch the video.

McDonald’s – Mein Burger

Razorfish Germany came up with the “Make Your Own Burger” campaign to celebrate McDonald’s 40th year of being “Germany’s favorite restaurant.” Razorfish Germany used friendly competition and crowdsourcing to help McDonald’s come up with a new way to engage with its consumers, this campaign won a Silver Medallion at AME Awards and was a Cannes-Lions entry.

In this social media campaign, McDonald’s encouraged their customers to create their own custom made burger and compete for a place on the menu of the fast-food chain. The results exceeded all expectations: 45,000 individual burgers were created in the first seven days – without a single cent of media spend. In total more than 116,000 burgers were posted – one every 26 seconds! The fans generated more than 12,000 personalized ad campaigns, and more than 1.5 million votes were cast. 7 million page visits made “My Burger” the most successful campaign ever on the McDonald’s Germany portal. With all the buzz generated, the campaign managed to reach more than 21 million contacts, that’s one in four Germans. Learn more about the campaign here.

AXE – Anarchy

This year’s award-winning example is a unique product launch for Anarchy. The AXE brand is known for its mostly male product line, however they turned the tables by launching AXE for women, part of a new fragrance collection called Anarchy. The company’s strategy was to embrace a genre that has fueled fantasies for generations, and then reinvent it for a generation raised on social media and the real time web. Razorfish launched the amazing Axe Anarchy Graphic Novel, the first comic book written by – and starring – its readers. This work won a Gold Pencil at the OneShow Awards and was shortlisted at this year’s Cannes-Lions International competition. And the campaign has produced over 200 million earned media impressions and Anarchy is now the best-selling body spray in the U.S. Learn more at the Anarchy site.

Nike – #MakeTheRules

Back in June, Razorfish helped Nike celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Title IX – a game-changing event in Women’s athletics – with the integrated #maketherules campaign, using paid, earned, and owned media across multiple social channels, from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram. Over the course of 5 days, the campaign reached almost 10,000,000 people on Facebook alone, drove 58,991 new fans, 11,659 Facebook shares, 3,000 pins, not to mention a lot of influential big-name athlete participation, including Serena Williams, Hope Solo, and Lance Armstrong.

Kellogg’s – Cheez-It

Why would over 3 million Facebook users like a Cracker? Because it’s fun! Razorfish crafted a fun social voice and engaging content strategy for the Cheez-It brand. Users can “choose the cheese” (the next Cheez-it variety), get daily doses of Cheez-it love and even purchase hard-to-find Cheez-It merchandise sourced from places like Etsy. With almost no paid media to drive fan growth, this content approach has resulted in driving 3.4 million fans today, up from just over a million fans when Razorfish took over. Become a fan – you know you want to!

Smart – Humor the Haters

‘Humor the Haters’ is an always-on social program in which the smart car team cleverly responds to the misinformation surrounding the car (ie it’s too small, etc). The goal was to dispel myths and false impressions through humor and wit, showing that smart could return a joke just as well as it could take one.  A great example of this approach in action is the now-famous bird ‘poop tweet’ which was picked up by a number of media outlets and generated over 5 million impressions. Read the whole story written up on Mashable.

As always, feel free to participate in the social discussion on Facebook, Twitter, and our own social media Tumblr blog. Have another great social media campaign example? Feel free to share in the comments!

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