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Who Spiked The Search? – 1st Week of July



A look at the top searches on Google last week:


1. Casey Anthony Verdict

Publishers aren’t looking interested in a Casey Anthony book deal.

2. Fireworks

Do you have a fireworks store in your area?  Or, as Stephen Colbert calls them, “Shabby cash-only roadside shacks that sell Chinese explosives to drunk people.”

3. Google+

The battle between Google+ and Facebook is on!  But the real question is… why are we doing this?

4. Planking

It’s back and bigger than ever… even US Celebs are doing it.

5. Copa America

It is time for some good old fashioned Fútbol.

6. Kobayashi

Takeru Kobayashi was not allowed to participate in the recent Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest again… similar to last year when he was arrested… but I’ll never forget this.

7. Mega Millions

$250,000,000.00 was won by a West-Virginian… that’s a lot of zeros.

8. Transformers 3

$97 million opening weekend and growing!


1st Week of July Top YouTube Videos:

Can I be your friend?
Squirrel vs. Lamborghini
Amazing Whale Video
Google Chrome: Justin Bieber

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